LPG Transports

When you are looking for a custom manufactured LPG transport, look to Western Cascade for unparalleled quality and service. Since no two applications are alike, we work closely with our customers to design a truck or trailer that meets your exact specifications. It's that close attention to our customers' needs that makes Western Cascade a leader in the industry. When your needs include expansion, fabrication, maintenance, repair, or inspection Western Cascade is your first choice for quality work that's guaranteed and done right the first time.

A.S.M.E. and National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors' certification is your assurance that our work will meet your exacting standards, as well as government safety regulations. 

Capacities available from 10,000-17,400 U.S. gallons

  • Vessels built in accordance with the ASME code section VIII, division I and DOT specification MC-331.
  • 250 & 265 PSI WP as required by customer & product
  • Reyco TransPro 88 with 3-leaf spring suspension
  • 5" round Rockwell 22,500 lb. axles
  • 16.5"x7" S cam brakes
  • Outboard mount brake drums
  • 8.25"x24.5" steel disc wheels
  • Aluminum front and rear fenders
  • 8" DOT bumper with 24"x24" mud flaps
  • ICC/DOT sealed light system
  • 20 lb. ABC fire extinguisher with bracket & cover
  • 50,000 lb. rated landing gear
  • Blackmer 4" flange pump
  • Fisher 4" flanged internal liquid outlet valve
  • Fisher 2" vapor internal valve
  • Pump package located at rear of landing gear protected by 4" channel frame
  • 3" Fisher internal valve, liquid fill opening
  • 3" Fisher internal valve, liquid spray-fill opening
  • 2" Fisher internal valve, vapor return opening
  • Rochester visual percentage gauge
  • Four (4) fixed outage gauges 82%, 85%, 87%, and 90%
  • Pressure gauge (0-400#)
  • Thermometer
  • Allegheny internal valve operators
  • Emergency remote operator, front and rear
  • Schedule 80 pipe used throughout piping system
  • Bolted adjustable kingpin plate, 3" increments
  • Two (2) 8"x21' aluminum hose tubes
  • Approximate 43' O.A.L.
  • Entire unit sandblasted, two coats primer, finish painted with two coats Polyurethane paint
  • DOT placards and markings