LPG Delivery Bobtails

At Western Cascade we design, build, refurbish, repair, and maintain LPG Bobtail vehicles. We have the knowledge and facilities to do the job right. Our sales and service staff have the knowledge and experience to help you make the correct choice for your business when it comes to the replacement, refurbishment or repair of your LPG Bobtail unit. In many cases a complete refurbishment of your LPG Bobtail may run less than half of the cost of a new unit. Let Western Cascade help you make the right decision when the question is to refurbish or buy new.

Standard Features & Specifications

  • Sizes: 2600 to 5500 gallons. Special sizes can be built to your specifications.
  • Vessels are modified in our shop to meet customer needs and requirements.
  • Vessels made of lightweight high-tensile steel with baffles and mounted on heavy-duty welded frame.
  • Vessels built up to 265-lb. working pressure.
  • Choice of rear delivery or side-fitted.
  • All welds on vessel are x-rayed to meet ASME and NBBI specifications.
  • Openings: Pressure relief on top of tank; D.O.T. 16" manway; 3" flanged liquid discharge; 2" spray fill; 1 1/4" bypass return; 1 1/4" vapor return; 1 1/4" bottom drain; thermometer, pressure, fixed level and volume gauge.
  • Gauges: M.E.C. magnetic liquid level, thermometer, pressure gauge and fixed level (85%).
  • Valves: 3" M.E.C. or 3" Fischer liquid discharge, 1 1/4" vapor ISV, full-flow ball valves in piping, low emissions valve on liquid delivery hose end. Acme fittings on liquid fill and vapor return.
  • Pump: 3" Blackmer and Corken product pump.
  • Meters 2": Choice of Liquid Controls or TCS with electronic compensated meter registers with printing capabilities.
  • Hose/Reel: Hannay electric with 125'x1" or 150' x 1" low temp delivery hose.
  • D.O.T. full-width, heavy-duty rear bumper.
  • Betts LED lighting system with wiring in plastic conduits and junction boxes. All splices made in junction boxes. Meets D.O.T. specifications.
  • Open or enclosed rear decks, aluminum or galvannealed material, stainless steel hinges on all compartment doors.
  • Vessel is prime-painted with epoxy primer, finish painted (one color) with acrylic enamel and acrylic gloss hardener. Custom paint and graphics available.
  • D.O.T. placards and marking installed.
  • Hot shift P.T.O. for automatic or manual transmission.
  • P.T.O. drive shaft with safety loops installed. 
  • One set of chock blocks with holder.
  • Completed unit is pump-tested and meter calibrated.
  • 20# dry chemical fire extinguisher and bracket.
  • Mud flaps installed with brackets.
  • Custom electronic remote controls available



    Optional Features

    • Manual remote controls for P.T.O, clutch and throttle.
    • Air-operated remote controls.
    • Sight Flow gauge.
    • Frame-mounted tool boxes; steel, aluminum or fiberglass.
    • Combination liquid/vapor hose reels or separate vapor reel.
    • Vapor Hose: 100'x1" with manual valve.
    • Hose reel rollers and guide.
    • Paint cab of new chassis.
    • Paint vessel two tone.
    • Overhead rear door available for enclosed deck.
    • Rotary gauge in lieu of float gauge.
    • Rear hitch/tow hook attached to truck frame.